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During the late 60s of the 20th century, a Pacific Coast landform of the Isthmus of Panama gave birth to an area where the country’s first high- rise buildings were built and hotels such as the Holiday Inn were established. This area, which is in the San Francisco District and on the way to the Canal Zone, is called Punta Paitilla Panama.

With the real estate in its peak thanks to the arrival of the new century, Punta Paitilla Panama became an exclusive area in which 70- storey skyscrapers have been built. Its integration into the San Francisco District gives the opportunity to find apartment blocks to be occupied by up to 1,500 people per hectare.  There are currently more than 55 tall buildings in Punta Paitilla.

This sector focuses on leisure, services, hotels, businesses and stylish luxury buildings in which living can be an interesting experience thanks to the closeness to everything and the peaceful environment.

They have settled hospitals and clinics, shopping malls, supermarkets, elegant boutiques and franchises in this area. Punta Paitilla has a lot of advantages and one of the most appreciated ones is the big landscaping to the Pacific Ocean and the style of the buildings marked by spare time areas of each residential and commercial complex built.

It is certainly a place that sets trends for its beautiful boulevards (Via Italia) or shopping centers. These features bring together a wide variety of businesses and leisure time areas, giving people with high purchasing power a meeting point.

Notable among its inhabitants, the large Jewish community has established a particular style that involves organizing different religion celebrations in some residential complexes of the area and within their synagogue.

Within the same township, bordering Paitilla, there are other pretty exclusive areas such as Marbella or the very luxurious Punta Pacifica, which is built on land reclaimed from the sea.

It is in Punta Paitilla where the favorite outdoor expansion area loved by locals and foreigners, the Cinta Costera, was born. Here you can find from 3D movie theaters to dance schools, dental centers, pharmacies, aesthetic clinics, clinical laboratories, laundry express, nurseries, gyms, popular restaurants, cafes, or major style and design hotels such as the Hard Rock Hotel or the Decalópolis.

A exclusive residential project we can mention located in Punta Paitilla is Sea Point,  an architectural icon of modern Panamanian metropolis skyline, drawn with the tallest skyscrapers in Latin America.



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