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In the past five years, the real estate boom in Panama is a reflection of the tremendous demographic contribution generated by the increase in foreign direct investment. Only with multinational companies that have set up corporate headquarters in Panama between 2007 and 2015, the increase has been exponential. It has dramatically increased the percentage of processed residency in Panama.

Whether you decide to get residency in Panama as an investor in real estate, and retired as a student, or as a professional foreign, the professional team of TDI Real Estate will advise you with the best decisions for you to reach the life style desired, in the most appropriate place in the shortest possible time.

Our team of lawyers can fully assist in the processing of your residency in Panama to temporarily or permanently if you buy a property of at least USD $ 300,000.00, or making an investment of more than USD $ 100,000.00 in real estate.

To qualify for residency in Panama, the country has several programs that will facilitate the full and legal development.


According to the Constitution of the Republic of Panama is possible to obtain the citizenship through naturalization after five years of residency in Panama and resigning citizenship of origin.

After three years of residency in Panama if you have children born in Panama, Panamanians parents or spouse and, in all cases, showing that you speak Spanish and have basic knowledge of geography, history and Panamanian political organization you can obtain the citizenship.

Our legal team is well prepared to support both: for permission for permanent residency in Panama, and for the naturalization process.

As an additional service we work in other real estate markets such as Caribbean countries: Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, and Antigua & Barbuda, providing integrated Citizenship and Residence solutions with realty options for high-net-worth-individuals (HNWI), business people and global families to offer mobility, personal and financial security.


Taking advantage of the benefits that has set the Panamanian government to foreign investment and offshore business, start-ups in this country is an indispensable requirement to function in the international economic environment.

While this process has been systematized in terms of procedures through a series of fiscal and trade reforms, it requires patience, and several steps that can be exhausting and the documentation must be properly prepared to avoid delays. For this reason, TDI Real Estate has a team of professionals in the legal, economic, commercial and relational branches that can facilitate the process of creating your company from the moment you decide to open it, until you get all the permits and make the law notification to operate with it.

The hiring of public services, physical location of headquarters and proceedings before the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Fund of the staff that will work in this company, is also an area in which we are at your disposal to help, generating tranquility and confidence that it is complying with all requirements of law.


When deciding whether to invest in real estate in Panama, you will necessarily have to open a bank account to handle the mortgage related to your purchase. At this point, TDI Real Estate will be there helping with the best financial institutions. If the need to open an account is corporate, to achieve the performance of a company or business, we will provide the best information and advice, to choose the most serious and solid organizations in Panama.



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