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After a journey of less than 10 kilometers from the financial center of Panama City, en route to the south, between the projection of Punta Paitilla and Tocumen Airport, grows perhaps the best planned and orderly zone of the city: Costa del Este Panama.

Boulevards full of palm trees, a promenade that opens to the Pacific Ocean for recreation, large residential buildings in gated communities, three entrances to the Corredor Sur and shopping centers, health centers, schools, gyms, supermarkets, and superstores characterize this area of 310 hectares.

Costa del Este, Panama is the best new part of town. From the Cinta Costera it can be seen across the bay with its skyscrapers drawing the skyline of a thriving, functional and very quiet community.

Every real estate development in Costa del Este, Panama is carefully thought out. It gathers in itself and in relation to the area all the facilities and amenities to make this community, the refuge of those fleeing the congested traffic, the hectic city, finding parking and overcrowded malls.

Costa del Este Panama is certainly not the area where the nightlife is going to compete with the great capital cities of the world. It is rather a place for the family to grow in a secure and peaceful life, to take a walk with the dog or accompany the kids to soccer practice.

Almost all banks in Panama in this area have agents, ATMs and drive-throughs. In the local malls, you can find literally anything.

In the towering office buildings, many multinational companies and large corporations have moved that need to concentrate its staff in an ideal production environment. Also, the Business Park and the Industrial Park will increase the number of workplaces and services for all sectors.

The road connection to Costa del Este is quite comfortable. Through the Corredor Sur you can reach the city center or in the other direction, Tocumen Airport is reached within minutes and is not usually heavy traffic in the area. From the center of the old city or Parque Lefevre is accessed by Centennial Avenue.

Costa del Este, Panama is an area of real estate and upper-middle range and where rents are rising in price in so far as it approaches the center of the area.

An outstanding residential project we can mention is Casa Bianca, a private community with beautiful architecture designed fo the tranquility and delight of its residents. This residential project is just steps from TownCenter, where you will enjoy all the amenities and services.

The income of an average two-bedroom apartment in Costa del Este can be around $ 1,100 or $ 1,200.



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