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Facts and Information about Arraijan Panama 

Arraijan Panama is a district located in the central-western zone of the province of Panama, in the Republic of Panama. It limits to the north and the east with the district of Panama, to the south with the Pacific Ocean and to the west with the district of La Chorrera. It is the largest district in the western Panama region, making it the third most populated city in Panama. Arraijan is part of the metropolitan area of Panama City, as it serves as a dormitory city for the capital.

Arraijan has become one of the preferred centers of attention by the construction sector to develop residential projects. With affordable prices for citizens who want a lighter lifestyle. Panama Oeste has schools, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, restaurants and much more.

Arraijan Panama is an area with a high percentage of investment. Panamanian families have decided to move to Panama Oeste in search of quieter places, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Today, Arraijan, thanks to its rapid expansion is considered a growing city, so a property will revalue over the years. Many entrepreneurs see the possibility of taking their products and services to this area of constant development.

Most of the residential projects in this district are single-family with an affordable price. An ideal option for families looking to live in quiet places and at the same time guarantee a good quality of life.

In the area of expansion and continuous development in the West sector of Panama City is Villas de Nuevo Emperador, an exclusive residential strategically located near the future line 3 of the Metro of Panama and the Premium outlet known as Westland Mall.

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