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Posted by Maria Arias on February 19, 2018
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Spanish group buys Paitilla Medical Center

The Spanish Grupo Hospiten announced the acquisition of the Paitilla Medical Center (CMP in spanish) as part of an international expansion process. Both companies indicated that the Panamanian hospital will be managed by the Spanish group. Grupo Hospiten has to assume the responsibility of maintaining quality standards in the Panamanian hospital center.

Throughout his career, the Paitilla Medical Center has received numerous distinctions and recognition for his permanent technological innovation.

Grupo Hospiten has 20 private medical-hospital centers in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and now in Panama. In addition, it manages more than one hundred outpatient medical centers.

The Spanish company said “Panama is one of the countries with the highest growth and solidity in Latin America, which has a population of more than four million inhabitants and more than two and a half million tourists who visit it annually.”

The Paitilla Medical Center has 650 employees, in addition to a medical group of 300 specialists who practice their professional practice at the service of the community in that center. It was founded on July 15, 1975 to offer the community and doctors a new private hospital facility with the highest standards.

Grupo Hospiten was founded in 1969 in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands of Spain, where it has its headquarters. In 2000, it began its internationalization with the opening of its first hospital in Latin America, Hospiten Bávaro, in the Dominican Republic.