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Posted by Maria Arias on October 16, 2017
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Panama opens offices in London, Manila and Dubai to register ships

The Panama authorities announced that their international ship registry  will open three new Technical Offices called Segumar, which are strategically located in various parts of the world: London, Manila and Dubai.

These new offices are joined to the rest of the nine already established that are located in: Panama, Miami, Pireos, Istanbul, Singapore, Busan, Imabari, Seoul and Tokyo.

The offices provide technical-nautical consultancy, assistance in cases of emergency, issuance of certificates and technical documents required on board Panamanian flag vessels, which are issued exclusively by the administration, in addition to other services required by shipowners or registry captains.

The Panamanian Maritime Authority (AMP) explained that the opening of these offices is part of the strategy of “diversifying the Panamanian maritime registry business”, thus making its “incursion into profitable and non-traditional emerging markets such as gas vessels, cruises and yachts. “

According to the official data in 2016, the merchant marine of Panama agglutinated 18% of the world fleet and registered a total of 8,094 boats.

The Panamanian registry does not require vessel owners to have Panamanian nationality or residence and neither does it impose any year restrictions on the vessel or tonnage.