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Posted by Maria Arias on August 23, 2017
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Panama to require visa for Venezuelans

The president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, announced on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 the decision to request a visa stamped to Venezuelan citizens who intend to enter the country from October 1, 2017. He also reported that Panama will grant immigration status to 25,000 Venezuelans who were duly registered until June 30 of this year.

These measures will be maintained until the democratic order, and the Constitution are restored and human rights are respected in Venezuela. President Varela mentioned that Panama will continue to contribute, as it has done so far, to find a negotiated political solution among Venezuelans that put an end to the crisis that the country is experiencing.

To apply for the visa the Venezuelans must deliver the following requirements:

– Tourist Visa Application Form

– Copy of full passport

– Copy of second of identification of the applicant

– Three (03) photographs

– Copy of travel itinerary

– Present economic solvency not less than five hundred dollars ($ 500) of the applicant. You can present it as follows.

1. Certified check or bank draft.

2. Bank reference letter four average figures or statement of account for the last three months.

3. Credit card statement.

– Hotel Reservation

Any citizen possessing a visa duly by the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and any other state which, according to the European Union and has used it at least once to enter the territory of the granting State, may enter Panamanian territory (Executive Decree 248 of July 21, 2009).