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Posted by Maria Arias on July 3, 2017
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Tocumen International Airport expansion project advances

The expansion works of Tocumen International Airport and the infrastructure under construction called Terminal Two (T2), advances by more than 73% and are developed according to the established schedule.

The Administration of Tocumen S.A. reported that this work is complementary to the expansion project of the new terminal two, whose construction work is part of a 66,000 square meter of terrain, which will allow expanding the operational capacity of the airport complex in hours of high traffic of airplanes.

The Tocumen Airport had a record of 145,245 flights in 2016, a figure that is expected to double with the start-up of the new facilities.

The extension of taxiway L and the new accesses APRON North of Tocumen International Airport began at the end of last year and have involved the additional hiring of 80 workers.

The taxiways are the access roads between the tracks and the platforms. They are used for the entry/exit, distribution, and circulations of airplanes at the airport.

Meanwhile, the execution of this project is done during night time so as not to affect the daily air operation, under the coordination and monitoring of the Civil Aeronautics of Panama.

“The new taxiways will increase the capacity of Tocumen International Airport’s number of operations/hours, reducing the time taken for aircraft to land and take off,” said Joseph Fidanque III, General Manager of Tocumen International Airport.