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Posted by Maria Arias on June 5, 2017
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Panama creates commission to boost construction sector 

Panama’s national government announced the creation of the Permanent Commission of High Level for the Construction Sector, attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, in order to make more efficient the construction sector.

This commission will be the advisory organization responsible for analyzing, studying and recommending to the Executive the policies, strategies and possible investments that the Central Government and decentralized entities must develop to strengthen the construction sector, as established in the Executive Decree that regulates it.

Different members of the unions linked to the construction sector in Panama such as; the Chamber of Construction, the National Council of Housing Promoters, the Panamanian Institute of Urbanism and the Association of Brokers of Real Estate, give the request for the creation of this instance.

An important function of the Permanent High-Level Commission is to analyze and study problems that the sector is facing and that could affect its development, to promote proposals for development for public infrastructure issues, in accordance with national, regional, local and partial. Additionally, to recommend to the Executive the strategies, policies and possible investments that the Government and decentralized entities should develop for the improvement and strengthening of the construction sector.

The commission will have its headquarters in the Ministry of the Presidency, will have a technical secretary – chosen by the President of the Republic, a short list proposed by the members of the private sector that make up the commission – and should meet, at least, once a month or when it is called by who presides it.