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Posted by Maria Arias on April 11, 2017
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Foreign Direct Investment in Panama increase $ 5 thousand 209.3 million

A report by the Economic and Social Analysis Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) indicates that foreign direct investment (IED in spanish) in Panama in 2016 increase to $ 5 thousand 209.3 million, a 15.9% more compared to 2015.

According to a statement, the increase in the foreign direct investmenr is mainly due to the reinvestment of profits (66.5% of the total or $ 3,662.6 million), other investments (18.5% of the total or $ 965.6 million) and shares and capital participation (15.0% Of the total or $ 781.1 million).

“Among the factors that helped to achieve good results is the use of the dollar, the logistics system led by the activities of the Canal, ports, railroad, Colon Free Zone, development of the hub of the Americas, banking center and incentive policies and attraction of investments that offer tax, immigration and labor advantages, “said the document.

“In 2016 was registered the highest number of companies established in Panama with license SEM (headquarters of multinational companies). In that sense, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries granted a total of 25 new licenses to multinational companies, “the report added.

An analysis by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean showed that Panama continues to be the main recipient of Foreign Direct Investment in the Central American region.