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Posted by Maria Arias on October 27, 2016
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Panama’s First Artisanal Rum Distillery

Pedro Mandinga is the first craft rum distillery in Panama, located in Casco Viejo near Plaza Herrera, a UNESCO heritage old-town neighborhood of Panamá City. In this bar you will always find salsa playing in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The rum brand is inspired by the legendary figure in Panama, Pedro Mandinga, a Panamanian Cimarron chieftain, who was strong, charismatic and friendly.

Pedro Mandinga is the country’s first artisanal rum made from raspadura, which is an unrefined whole cane sugar, typical of Central and Latin America. The raspadura is grown on a family farm in Chiriquí. Their rums are smooth and easy to sip. The Pedro Mandinga Aged rum is maturing in American white oak bourbon barrels and won’t be ready until the flavor is ready. Before ordering a cocktail, you can ask the bartender for a small sample of the silver and spiced house rums to see how they taste and which one you like the most.

Pedro Mandinga Silver Rum

Hints of banana, cotton candy and caramel with a smooth, silky palate.

Pedro Mandinga Spiced Rum

Prominent notes of orange, vanilla and cinnamon with a subtle, exotic spiciness that creates a naturally sweet taste.