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Posted by Maria Arias on July 22, 2016
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How to choose the right Investment Property in Panama? 

Buying the right investment property is important to think like an investor and understand the goals and investment strategies behind a successful property investment. Before buying a property you should ask yourself if you are buying the property to renovate and sell for a quick profit or you want to hold on to it for a long-term, and if you are investing to build your wealth.

After you decide why you are buying an investment property you can start choosing the area and pick the right property type. Search for an area that has a strong potential for growth due to upcoming developments, and transport infrastructure improvement. You also need to know when is the right time for buying property.

Is known that houses have better capital growth and apartments have a good rental yield. The type of property you buy will help determine the level of rent you receive. You should know your target tenants before you buy the property. For example, a young couple with children prefer to be near parks and schools, while singles will want a stylish terrace or apartment in a security building close to transport, and shopping centers.