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Posted by Maria Arias on June 6, 2016
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Panama is the Most Wanted Destination by Tourist 

Travel to Panama has increased considerably over the years as the most wanted destination. Tourism in Panama by the end 2015 has generated revenues of 4,200 million dollars. Panama ranked seventh in the world ranking of countries with the fastest increase in visitor arrivals during 2015 compared to the previous year, according to recently information published in the British newspaper, The Telegraph.

In a publication of the international tourism fair leisure and pleasure Arabian Travel Market Panama is included in the “Top 5 destinations of Arabian Travel Market” section, highlighting the country as a prosperous cosmopolitan city of tropical beauty. They also mention San Blas and referred to the direct flights between Dubai and Panama.

The Telegraph, highlights Panama and lists five good reasons to visit the country in a publication called “The amazing destinations where tourism is booming”. The Panama Canal is described as an amazing engineering surrounded by nature; Boquete, is mention as a town with nearby forests for hiking, rafting and visiting coffee plantations; Bocas del Toro, virgin rain forests and deserted beaches; and San Blas, with 378 islands (only 49 inhabited).

Panama is also considered one of the best countries to retire. This is due to a number of factors, among which you can find real estate, cost of living, infrastructure, and climate.