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Posted by Maria Arias on June 6, 2016
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Officials announced that the Amador Convention Center plan has been redesigned. The new design will focus on conventions, “not social events,” Gustavo Him, Panama Tourism Authority manager, told reporters. The new plan calls for the center to be completed in mid-2018.It is part of a $300 million government initiative to make Amador  the new spot for investment and recreation in Panama City.

The Amador Convention Center is expected to be the biggest meeting space and attract international meetings and conferences. The new convention center will include a banquet hall, outdoor amphitheater, and a performing arts center.

In January, the government announced that work was set to resume at the Convention Center after a new contract was awarded to a consortium led by the Chinese company, Construcción América (CCA). CCA will provide the funds and Panamanian company Construcción Civiles Generales S.A. (Cocige) will be the representative of the project for the government.

Now comes news of the redesign, which also suggests work is again ready to move forward. Gustavo Him said, “Eliminating the social event aspect of the center will lead to more revenue”. The new design includes more parking, more space and will cost $193.7 million. Also, the authority is planning a new convention center in Boquete, according to a press report.