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Posted by Maria Arias on May 23, 2016
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Beach areas have important real estate developments and is considered by many the best place to retire and ideal for investing in Panama beach apartments. Beach apartment’s prices range between $200,000 and one million dollars, were foreigners and Panamanians from high and upper middle class position themselves as buyers of such properties. The real estate industry is a safe investment mechanism. However, there are properties that have a much higher return on investment like beach developments.

Beach areas in Panama such as Coronado, Santa Clara, and Rio Mar (to mention some) have excellent roads to connect the city with beautiful coastal areas of the Pacific and the Caribbean. Panama has a privileged geographic location, having nearby beaches everywhere and the city in less than 45 minutes in many cases. The profitability of properties in the Panamanian real estate market is a “dollarized” market, which guarantees investors that their properties will not lose value. There are more than 500 units of beach apartments for rent in Panama with strong demand.

Panama has a vast range of amenities: Tourist infrastructure that offers modern airports, shopping areas, and dining and entertainment centers world-class; highly competitive fields and golf with breathtaking views; great natural beauties such as beautiful beaches and clear blue waters.

Financial companies are interested in investing in real estate in Panama since it represents a significant long-term benefits with a minimum risk compared to other investments. Housing, therefore, is an insured investment, as long as it is done properly and with the advice of professionals.