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Posted by Maria Arias on May 16, 2016
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Panama is in the second place in countries with the best climate worldwide, according to a survey for the preparation of the Global Retirement Index 2016. Panama has a year-round tropical climate and sits outside the hurricane zone, which means that extreme weather is rare. The number of people who choose Panama as a country to retire is high. Fortunately, Panama has many real estate projects for anyone wishing to retire in the country.

The weather in Panama is divided into two seasons. The rainy season, that begins in May and continues through November, and the dry season (known as summer) starts in December and ends when the rains return in May. The weather during the rainy season is cooler due to the rain and strong breezes, and mornings are sunny and warm. Usually in the afternoon or at night with cold rains. In “summer” there is little rain, so outdoor activities are very common. Many of Panama’s festivals take place during the dry season, families take vacations, and the beach is a popular destination.

Daytime temperatures in the low-lying areas across the country, ranging from 75ºF to 90ºF, with an average of 84ºF. Night temperatures across the country, ranging between 65ºF and 75ºF. In Panama there are cooler areas, such as Boquete, Cerro Azul, El Valle and Santa Fe, with cooler climates because of its altitude. With daytime temperatures ranging from 65 ° F to 80 ° F and cool nights, with an average temperature of 55 ° F.